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Norris Electric Services is an electrical contracting company focused on delivering high quality electrical outcomes. Based in Bundaberg, in the Wide Bay region, we are well positioned to service our local area, and surrounding regions. Our experience across many industries affords us the insight and knowledge to ensure we are capable of delivering you the outcome that you need. Our integrity and commitment to excellence ensures we can deliver these outcomes, time and time again.


Whilst everyone has a common objective when it comes to safety, the detail in how safety is achieved often differs. Norris Electric Services value safety immensely and operate according to our safety system at all times. We also appreciate that a lot of sites have specific requirements, and our ability to accommodate these requirements additionally, is important. At the end of the day, safety is critical for us, those working with us, and the end user of any installation we are involved with.



Industrial E & I

As Industrial Electrical & Instrumentation contractors, we understand the expectations and requirements of delivering in this space. Compliance is fundamental, professionalism is demanded, and financial value has never been more critical. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, Norris Electric Services offers the following services in the Industrial Electrical space;

  • Design and construct E&I projects.

  • Plant upgrades and maintenance projects

  • Switchboard construction, installation and modification - control panels to MCC arrangements

  • LV power distribution

  • Documentation, drafting and supporting work

  • Generating sets

Industry Support

Loss of production affects your operations bottom line. Norris Electric Services acknowledge this and are able to implement and execute preventative maintenance programs to keep your assets working and compliant with appropriate regulatory requirements.

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Facilitate and implement maintenance programs and shutdown E&I works

  • 24 hr break down service

  • Shift cover service


As one of Australia’s largest and most iconic industries, agriculture in today’s world demands quality and reliability. Norris Electric Services have a passion for agriculture, and combine this with our technical ability in the following areas;

  • Low Voltage power distribution ( 240 / 415v AC)

  • Pumping and processing / handling plant installations

  • Filtration and chemical dosing systems

  • Flow and pressure instrumentation for agriculture

  • Variable speed drive installation and commissioning.

  • Diesel pump motor monitoring and automation

  • Supporting pipe fitting and fabrication service


Correct instrument function from carefully planned maintenance, ensures the efficiency of a process, the ability to fulfill auditing requirements for quality, and often contributes financial benefit to an operation. We offer the following capabilities in the instrument field;

  • Specification and installation

  • Commissioning of instruments and associated processes

  • NATA traceable calibration service

  • Documentation for auditing and quality control

Hazardous Areas

Due to the risks associated with electrical equipment in hazardous areas (EEHA), specific processes, qualifications, legislative requirements and experience are required to ensure your Hazardous Area remains compliant. Norris Electric Services can complete the following works in relation to Electrical Equipment in a Hazardous Area;

  • New installations

  • Modification of installations to achieve compliance

  • Periodic inspection and maintenance programs

  • Documentation development and up-keep

Data & Communications

As an integral part of today's world, licenced data cabling installation allows connection of cameras, communications between machines and communications between people. We have the following capabilities in this space;

  • ACRS registered with Structured Cabling and Fibre Optic Endorsement

  • Installation of structured cabling including sustainable and robust solutions for robotics and extreme installation environments

  • Installation of cabling for specific industrial communication protocols

  • Installation of PTZ and fixed, machine and process monitoring cameras



For any enquiries or questions please fill out the following form or contact us on the details below.


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